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Custom lingeries

Vacodo specializes in manufacturing custom clothing for both small and large fashion brands and businesses. As a comprehensive custom apparel manufacturer, we cater to your specific specifications, offering a diverse range of apparel production experiences spanning decades.

Renowned as a top-tier clothing manufacturer, Vacodo has earned the trust of global clothing brands, becoming their go-to destination for custom clothing sourcing. We assist numerous startups and brands in bringing their custom designs to life, whether it involves logos, prints, labels, or other specifications.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality services and support our clients with comprehensive customization options. We offer flexible custom packages that align with your budget while maximizing customization opportunities throughout the process.

Preferred Partner for OEM/ODM

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Trusted Partner

Vacodo Lingerie is renowned for its OEM/ODM capabilities, welcoming collaborations with partners seeking to bring their creative visions to life. Our state-of-the-art factory in Foshan, Guangdong province, with over 200 skilled professionals, experienced designers, and a professional QC department, ensures the seamless realization of custom projects.


Private Labelling

Put your private labelling brand to work for greater business with us. Vacodo is known for making high-quality, comfortable clothing and giving great customer service. Escape from all hassles and worries by connecting with Vacodo - Trusted partner for your custom private labeling.

why choose us

Quality Clothing Manufacturer

A one-stop organic shop providing you with long-term solutions for all of your apparel needs.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

We fully control the entire designing and production process. Before shipment process, quality of each product is thoroughly checked 3 to 4 times.

Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

We are making a minimum of 50 pieces per color and design.

Security of your Design

We assure you of copyright design security and respect all of your privacy concerns.

Best Custom Apparel Manufacturers for All Your Needs

A reliable custom clothing manufacturer is essential for the success of your brand. At Vacodo, we understand that quality is paramount for long-term success. With almost everything you need under one roof, Vacodo offers a wide range of services and ensures a high level of comfort for our customers.

As clothing suppliers, we have established connections with various clothing resources, enabling us to source rare fabrics from different states or countries promptly. Our team of experts handles fabrics with care, ensuring reliability in every aspect.

Vacodo offers a low minimum order quantity of 50 pieces per design, making us an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Utilizing advanced machinery and techniques, we guarantee high-quality products throughout the production process, from pattern-making and sample-making to final production and shipping.

Your Budget-Friendly Clothing Partner

For larger orders, Vacodo provides attractive pricing tiers and discounts, allowing your business to thrive while enjoying better margins. We pride ourselves on being a preferred clothing manufacturer for startups, offering a full garment production line and extensive experience in various manufacturing systems to optimize material costs without compromising quality.

Our In-depth Clothing Experience and Knowledge Ease your Brand Building Process

As seasoned apparel manufacturers, Vacodo can produce almost any type of custom clothing. Our dedicated production team guides you through the process, providing regular updates and support at every stage.

For those seeking fully customized clothing to set their brand apart, Vacodo excels as a top-tier manufacturer in this category as well. With a commitment to diversity and comprehensive customization options, we serve as global clothing suppliers, catering to the unique needs of businesses worldwide.

In conclusion, Vacodo offers precisely what you need, in the quantity you demand, streamlining your production process and ensuring consistency and quality throughout your entire collection.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

They are professional clothing manufacturers with a good level of expertise. They were the first manufacturer I worked with, and I'm amazed at how they helped me launch my clothing line. It was easy to order. As well as helping me develop my brand, Vacodo also assisted me with marketing techniques.
As a result of working with Vacodo, I was able to create a unique custom corset line with the exact design I was looking for. The design I had was a little complicated to print, but these guys could help me out.
Moreover, their customer service is good. I was kept updated during the entire process, and they were helpful.
After searching a lot through the internet, I came across Vacodo, I found these guys very friendly, and the best thing was that it was straightforward for me to make them understand what I am looking for in my sportswear clothing collection.
I asked to pay attention to the detailing of the design in my collection, and they did it so well. It was a great pleasure to work with them. Looking forward to doing more business.
Great customer service!!! Absolutely love our designs. Got to meet some of the staff, very friendly. Appreciate the hospitality. So happy to see our designs come to life! Thanks
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Outstanding design quality. The team is highly-responsive, organized, and professional. We were incredibly pleased with the finished product.
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Highly recommend using Vacodo for your manufacturing needs. The staff is beyond friendly. The facility is the cleanest I’ve seen in China. They are organized and responsive. It took my team one phone call with them to realize they were our people.  Honored to be partners!

Unrivaled Product Range

Vacodo Lingeries

Our diverse offerings, including corsets, lingerie, uniforms, and fashionable costumes, showcase a commitment to innovation. Continuous investment in research and development yields products with unique design styles, high technical content, novel aesthetics, exquisite fabrics, and meticulous workmanship.

Vacodo's Blog

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